Monte and Dianne Showalter, GCM International Coordinators

Inter-Regional Evangelist, International

Monte and Dianne Showalter, former instructors in the Bible school in Haiti under the Associates In Missions program, received their appointment to El Salvador in October 1986. They were involved in church planting, extension Bible schools, and tent crusades. In January 1992 Showalter was appointed as field superintendent of Guatemala and saw the work double during their five and one-half years there. Since May 1997 the Showalters have served as missionary evangelists. They train nationals through evangelism and children’s ministry seminars, help missionaries coordinate crusades, develop Bible schools, and serve as the international coordinator for Global Campus Ministries, reaching out to university students around the world.

Ray Nicolls, GCM Regional Coordinator for the Europe and Middle Eastern Region

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Poland

Shortly after the Iron Curtain fell in Eastern Europe, laypersons Ray and Judi Nicholls walked through an open door that led to Belarus. The new Belarusian government allowed them to conduct church services as they established Accelerated Christian Education schools. Within a short period of time, Belarusians were receiving the Holy Ghost. The first one was a university student in Nicholls’s marketing class. In 1995, after serving as an AIMer for three years, Ray Nicholls received his ministerial license and a missionary appointment to Belarus. After a term of service, they returned to Wisconsin and pastored Faith Apostolic Church in Park Falls. However, their burden for global missions remained. In answering their call, Ray and Judi Nicholls were appointed as UPCI missionaries to Poland in September 2000. They arrived on the field in June 2002 and are working with groups in six cities in Poland.

Steve and Cheri Smith, Regional Coordinators for the Central American and Caribbean Region

Steve and Cheri Smith were pastoring in Illinois when they felt God’s call to serve in Guyana, South America. They served first as AIMers for a year and a half before receiving their appointment as full-time missionaries in 2002. Presently they have been working in Guyana for the past six years between AIM service, deputation, and are now into their second year of this term. Smith serves as the superintendent of the work and as the Bible school president. He and his wife both teach in the Bible school. She serves as the national Sunday School director, and they pastor two churches, including the headquarters church in the capital city of Georgetown. Their three children Alexia, Steven, and Cameron, are all involved in the work and enjoy serving the Lord in Guyana. He states, “We’re so blessed to be missionaries in beautiful Guyana, the ‘Land of Many Waters’.”

Stan Scism, Regional Coordinator for the Asian Region

Missionary, Asia, South Asia
Born in South India, Stanley Scism moved to North India when his parents, Harry and Audrene Scism, studied language, pioneered churches, and led church organizations in India and NE India. After three years in the Philippines while his father was regional director, he graduated from high school and went to America, determined to become an attorney. God instead called him into overseas work. After five AIM assignments in South Asia, Madagascar, and Great Britain/Ireland, he received career appointment, after which he founded Scism Christian Institute-New Delhi, Scism Christian Institute-Pokhara, Yesu Mandali (the church in Nepal), and Yesu Kalishia (a fellowship of churches in North India associated with Scism Christian Institute). He also founded Glory magazine, Light and Life Audio, Beta Bible CDs, Gamma Video, Delta Distribution, Epsilon Individual Studies, Wonderful Words publishing, and has co-authored or authored several books. He continues to edit, write, teach, administrate and evangelize.

Robert and Lisbeth Dame, Regional Coordinators for the South American Region

Missionary, Bolivia, South America
After high school, Robert Dame spent a year as an AIMer in Argentina. While studying at Indiana Bible College, he spent five summers in Guatemala, teaching, preaching, and constructing the Bible school building and churches. During the last summer in Guatemala, he and his future wife worked in campus ministry. Following their 1998 marriage, they started a Spanish daughter work in Houma, Louisiana, and pastored for five years. They were appointed to Bolivia in 2002. In Bolivia, the Dames directs the Bible school in Cochabamba and oversees extension studies. He is a presbyter and coordinates evangelism and leadership seminars and soul-winning boot camps. They are very active in campus ministries; he’s the regional campus ministries coordinator. Lisbeth Dame has a passion for children’s ministries and serves as national Sunday school director. Her ministries extend to teachers’ seminars, evangelism, outreach to a children’s home, and women’s prisons.

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